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By Vogue Republica | January 11, 2018

Everyone’s body is unique and sometimes-standard sizes can lead to a very unsatisfactory fit. Shopping offline can be a tedious process where you have to try on multiple shirts in different stores until you find the right one that works for you. Often it happens that you fall in love with a shirt and then find out that your size isn’t available off the rack.

 We have analysed the common problems faced by customers and have come up with a time and cost saving solution for you. We will provide you a custom fit shirt and have it delivered right to your doorstep via our easy online service.

With just few easy steps, you can have your perfect shirt delivered right to you

1. Get in touch with us at or whatsapp us at 8870812695

2. Send us two of your recent images (front pose & side pose as shown below).Kindly ensure that you don’t wear loose clothes.

3. Send us your height and weight details.


That’s it! Leave the rest to the experts.

We are here to make your online shopping experience easy and will also assist in helping you choose the right shirt for yourself.